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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

At CoCare, human development and relational leadership are at our core; helping you live with purpose and fulfilment. Facilitating an environment where you thrive, you’ll enjoy meaningful relationships, find joy, and make a positive impact.  From individual guidance to group workshops, our comprehensive programs propel you to new levels of happiness and success.


Our small team works with you to improve your leadership skills, teamwork and overarching effectiveness through our 1:1 coaching programs.

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Women's Programs & Retreats

Empowering women to meet their true goals is a passion of Christine Opperman, Founder of CoCare Consulting.  Work with Christine to discover your inner power.

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Defeat Dental Fear

Our Defeat Dental Fear system is a transformational approach to working with fearful paients in dental clinics.  We provide whole clinic training and a simple to implement system.  

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Relational And Leadership  Development

Coaching & Consulting

Find True Happiness With Relational & Business Development

In every moment we shape ourselves and the world around us. However, most professionals today are overwhelmed with emptiness, apathy and anxiety. Find meaning in your life and make it count with contributions you’re proud to share with the world.

Explosive Personal Development

(one-on-one coaching)

Attain extraordinary levels of personal and professional success through lasting positive changes. With Change Behaviour Solutions, you’ll remove limitations, make sense of the world and create a meaningful life with deep satisfaction.

Feeling connected, you’ll thrive with the clarity of knowing your purpose and path forward.  

Remarkable Corporate Development

(team coaching)

Our business development strategies inspire team members to achieve new levels of success through personal fulfilment. Team members will find personal meaning in their roles and feel ready to increase their output for continued business growth.

Reenergised with deeper purpose, staff morale improves, cohesion thrives and profitability skyrockets.

Achieve Personal and

Professional Success

With Relational Leadership

Become a dynamic leader that inspires your team to unimaginable success. Using CoCare’s Barometer Of Relations, Nexus Principles, and neuroscience you’ll develop profound relationships in all areas of life.

Using these transformative tools, you’ll discover the secrets to creating an aligned team who are focused on implementing your life’s vision.  

Empowered Personal Excellence

(one-on-one coaching)

In a society where we’re increasingly disconnected, people are unhappy and hopeless. Without realising it, belief systems, experiences, age, gender, status and relationships shape your happiness or discontent.

Reignite your zest for life with the ability to create meaningful relationships and impact the world with newfound purpose.

Inspiring Corporate Leadership

(team coaching)

Incredible heights of success are created by leaders who motivate team members on a deeply personal level. At CoCare, we help you create an effective and profitable team with interpersonal relationships that connect and empower.

Develop these skills with relational leadership foundations and neuroscience that inspire staff to grow and achieve optimal results.

Be Your Own Legacy Leadership Program


Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

— Dale Carnegie

As a visionary leader, you want to create a legacy you’re proud to leave behind. The Be Your Own Legacy Leadership Progam unleashes your true potential to make a meaningful difference that impacts the world for generations. Designed to trigger a powerful breakthrough, you’ll discover your purpose and understand how to live it each day.

With personalized guidance and cutting-edge methods, you’ll develop the inner-awareness necessary to create the impact you’ve always envisioned. You’ll refine your mission, achieve new goals, and gain the skills to bring your dream contributions to life.

You’ll also gain the skills to create and lead a team committed to your life’s mission, and learn how to encourage their success.


The Defeat Dental Fear Program

Attract More Patients, Earn CDP Credits,

And Grow A Thriving, Profitable Practice

The Defeat Dental Fear Program is a 1-day group course for dental practices to increase profitability and productivity by eliminating dental phobia in patients. Using an innovative team-focused approach, your staff will optimise their management and communication with anxious patients.

Dental phobia presents significant obstacles for dental practices to maximise their profitability. Fearful patients cause disruptions that inflate costs. It affects employee morale which encourages the expense of staff absenteeism and high turnover. Plus, patients put their health at risk. Helping patients move past fear creates happy, healthy smiles and changes lives for a better community.

With this team-focused approach, you can grow a thriving practice as a medical leader with a fear-less dentistry culture. The Defeat Dental Fear Program allows clinical staff to earn 5 CPD points towards their GDP requirements, and non-medical staff receive a certificate on completion.

Retreats & Seminars

Create A Meaningful Impact That Inspires The World

CoCare’s Retreats and seminars are an opportunity to create the meaningful life you deserve. Using our transformative tools, skills and personal development strategies, you’ll live free from fear, discover your true purpose and spark your journey of exponential growth.

Throughout the year we offer retreats, speaking engagements and seminars in exclusive locations, and create customised events for individuals and groups. If you yearn for something more and want to wake up each day joyful and fulfilled, contact us here. We’ll facilitate an environment where you’ll blossom and help you create a life worth living.

Discover Your Significance:

Empowerment For Women In Business


Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

– Les Brown

Women in business often face challenging workplace environments while juggling the stresses of family life. Pressured to be everything to everyone, they can develop unhealthy lifestyle habits leading to depression, exhaustion, and burnout.

Our consultants specialise in helping business women shine by changing destructive behaviours that destroy self-esteem. Using the proven principles of BodySense, you’ll understand the mind-body-behaviour connection and how it influences your personal and professional life. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or anxious, you’ll feel renewed with happiness and live a life of purpose and fulfilment.

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“A Great Find”

“No more excuses, I feel far more confident in my everyday life. I will forever be grateful for the help and support I have received from Christine. Thank you”


“Fabulous transformation”

“Your coaching got me through. I have spent many years running away missing appointments through fear.  I can not thank you enough”


“Another successful experience”

“Christine is a kind & genuine person who has a heart to help and serve others.  Her positive and friendly personality is so comforting. ”



“I am continuing to work hard on myself to become stronger and improve my future.  You are amazing and I cannot believe how far I have come.”


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