Defeat Dental Fear

Grow Your Practice with New Skills to Conquer Dental Fear


Train Your Team To Defeat Dental Fear And Grow A Thriving Practice

The Defeat Dental Fear Program grows your practice with a team-focused approach that conquers dental fear with every anxious patient.

As a dentist, you deal with nervous patients every day. According to the NHS, 25% of Brits dread dental procedures, and up to 12% suffer from extreme odontophobia.

Dental Fear impacts every aspect of the run of the practice. The disruptive behaviour caused by dental phobia creates a stressful work environment and reduces productivity which inflates running costs. Patients avoid treatments until emergencies arise, creating a vicious cycle that hurts patients and stalls your profits.


Dental anxiety comes in many shapes and forms.  Many affluent professionals do not seek dental work until they can wait no longer.  Attract these clients with our simple system.

Repeat Custom

Once you have successfully attracted these patients and won their trust with the Defeat Dental Fear system, it is easier to turn them into repeat clients, visiting your practice regularly.

Happier Workplace

With a simple to implement system at your fingertips, not only will your patients be happier, your staff will enjoy their workplace more too.  Staff morale is an enormous side-benefit to a relaxed patient clinic.


The Simple Process to Defeat Dental Fear For Good

Using a 3 Pillar and 9 Step framework, you’ll discover how to reduce your patient’s fear on their journey from first contact to after-care. This program prepares your team to better manage frightened patients, creating a calming dentistry culture for your team and your patients.

Over the course of one day, you’ll gain a new understanding of the fearful patient’s internal world, and learn intervention techniques so they feel safe, supported, and confident. Equipped with new skills, your team will produce healthier smiles and improve lives. With The Defeat Dental Fear Program, you’ll grow your practice with glowing testimonials and become the go-to Medical Hub for dental fear intervention in your area. 


Learn from a Team
of Dentists &
Clinic Managers

CEO of CoCare, Mani Opperman is a practicing Dentist with 35 years experience in South Africa and the United Kingdom.  His wife, Christine Opperman holds a Masters in Strategic Management and Leadership, and together they developed the CoCare Defeat Dental Fear Program to train other dental clinics to succeed with anxious patients as they have in their own practice.


Turn Your Fearful Patients Into Walking Advertisements While Earning Your CPD Requirements

Dentists, Dental Nurses, Hygienists, and Therapists will earn the GDP Provider’s mandatory CPD credits with a certificate that empowers your team to help patients overcome dental fear.

This interactive, team and morale building program strengthens your team’s soft skills to better manage fearful patients; creating happier, healthier smiles.

With effective techniques you’ll improve morale, increase productivity, and attract more patients, defeating dental fear in your practice.

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What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

“No more excuses, I feel far more confident in my everyday life. I will forever be grateful for the help and support I have received from Christine. Thank you”


“Fabulous transformation”

“Your coaching got me through. I have spent many years running away missing appointments through fear.  I can not thank you enough”


“Another successful experience”

“Christine is a kind & genuine person who has a heart to help and serve others.  Her positive and friendly personality is so comforting. ”



“I am continuing to work hard on myself to become stronger and improve my future.  You are amazing and I cannot believe how far I have come.”


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*This program addresses all of the fundamental standards of the CQC five questions, and the required 9 principles of the GDC.  On completion of this program the Clinician and their dental team will be able to comply and fulfil the prescribed outcomes.