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Launching their dentistry practice in 1983, Dr Manie and Christine Opperman advanced the patient experience with behavioural solutions that changed lives. Combining their medical, business, coaching, and leadership expertise, they created CoCare to help professionals and businesses make meaningful contributions through personal and professional fulfilment.

Our Approach

As Relational Business Consultants, We Help You Thrive in Every Area of Your Life


“Happiness does not depend on outward circumstances, but on the state of the heart.”

—J.C. Ryle

Each client we work with arrives with unique strengths and areas of improvement. At CoCare, we facilitate an environment where you’ll thrive through personal development and relational leadership. Empowering you and your team with purpose and personal satisfaction, you’ll reach new levels of success. Whether you’re a practice, corporation, or management organization, our comprehensive services will help you find meaning and make a lasting difference in the world.

Our Team

Meet the CoCare Team. Together, our decades of experience create a powerful resource to ignite your mission, create an impact and feel a personal sense of purpose and connection.

Christine Opperman


“Waking up anxious, tired, and dreading the day ahead is normal for people today. We’re haunted by hopelessness, apathy, and feel like we have no purpose. We constantly ask ourselves, “who are we? Why am I here? Why do I exist?” And often, we feel worthless. Even at work, it feels like life has no meaning. We’re left wondering if we even make a difference that counts.

I was there too. I wondered about my role in this world and what difference I make. Once I realised who I really am and my true purpose, everything changed. I felt at peace with my identity. I accepted how I look, my weight, my crooked nose, my bumps and smiles; I became joyful!

My inner-focus shifted and I saw the world with beauty. Suddenly, it was filled with hope and kindness. But with this realisation came a deep yearning to care for and contribute to the world. I knew I wanted to help others create the legacy we all want in life.”

Born and raised in South Africa, Christine entered the field of dentistry when she met her husband, Manie. 35 years of experience dentistry in different roles and capacity Christine become more involved assumed co-Director in 2003  focusing on relational care and development in their practice until 2017.

Having encountered countless patients suffering from dental phobia, Christine focused on alleviating their limiting behaviours. She gained a Diploma In cognitive Behaviour Coaching in 2009 and then in 2013 pursued masters in Strategic Management and Leadership. Using her educational background, she developed the revolutionary Defeat Dental Fear Program. The Defeat Dental Fear Progam helps dental practices reap the profitable benefits of eliminating dental phobia in their patients. Helping patients move past fear to confidence, her program is improving communities through changed lives.

In 2017, Christine graduated from a Strategic Business and Leadership program to assist corporate, health and management organizations optimise their processes for increased success.

Dr Manie Opperman

(Principal Dentist B.CHD)

Dr Manie was born and raised in South Africa where he developed his passion for dentistry. Working with his wife, Christine, Manie focused on empowering his fearful patients to defeat dental phobia.

Together, they established groundbreaking intervention techniques to help patients overcome their debilitating fears. Creating lasting change for their patients, retention increased, productivity improved, and overhead losses shrunk.

The dental practice achieved higher profitability with relaxed, positive, and happy patients. Gaining industry visibility with a fear-less dentistry culture, Manie now shares his medical and business expertise as a leading medical professional.

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“A Great Find”

“No more excuses, I feel far more confident in my everyday life. I will forever be grateful for the help and support I have received from Christine. Thank you”


“Fabulous transformation”

“Your coaching got me through. I have spent many years running away missing appointments through fear.  I can not thank you enough”


“Another successful experience”

“Christine is a kind & genuine person who has a heart to help and serve others.  Her positive and friendly personality is so comforting. ”



“I am continuing to work hard on myself to become stronger and improve my future.  You are amazing and I cannot believe how far I have come.”


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